About the Red Onion Saloon…

The Red Onion Saloon, a national historic landmark, has long been host to many unexplained sights and phenomena. Located in Skagway Alaska, one of the most haunted towns in North America, the Red Onion still stands as a beacon welcoming the wayward traveller, quenching hunger and thirst. Originally the most upscale saloon and brothel in Skagway, it reached its heyday during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, which brought over 30,000 eager stampeders through this narrow valley. The former brothel is now a museum and is home to more than one spirit. Over the years, we have collected photos sent to us by guests and have created this blog as a forum for visitors to share and post their ghostly encounters


25 Responses to “About the Red Onion Saloon…”

  1. I have visited a few well known haunted sites…hope to make it to yours one day! It sounds intriguing! A comment about your site…your visit to my blog peaked my interest and so I paid a visit to yours…perhaps it is just me, but I do find the text difficult to read because it is so light against the patterned background.

    • I totally agree about the text being difficult to read…I am just not sure how to fix it. Do you have any suggestions? Can we change font color or do we need to change our theme completely?

    • You should be able to change your font color…look at the menu on your dashboard – do you have one that says ‘Appearance’…if so, click on it and check the various options; i.e. ‘background’ , etc. until you find one that lets you change the color scheme. You might find one that says ‘dark’ or ‘light’…if so, try each one.

  2. Leaving for Alaska in June 2014 and plan to visit the Red Onion Saloon and take some pictures. Hopefully, I see some ords-I do believe in spirits and usually those with open minds-do see them- hoping for the best

  3. STONES RIVER PARANORMAL is coming to Skagway in May 2014, and is hoping to make a visit/investigation at the Red Onion Saloon and Brothel. We are looking forward to meeting the folks at the Red Onion, and see if we can catch a glimpse of Lydia. Stop in at stonesriverparanormal.com or visit us on FaceBook and say “HI”

  4. STONES RIVER PARANORMAL conducted a paranormal investigation of the RED ONION SALOON and BROTHEL on May 22nd, 2014. This was a very interesting investigation, considering it was conducted between 7am-8:30am in the morning (before the location was open to the public). Thank you so much for the opportunity to investigation the RED ONION. A complete “REVEAL PACKET” was provided to the RED ONION which included copies of all the evidence collected during the investigation. To answer your question – YES – THE RED ONION IS HAUNTED!

    • why is red onion haunted, did you get vibes…etc. why?

      • Hi Cindy,

        Over the years we’ve had multiple paranormal investigators come to the Red Onion (note Stones River Paranormal above) and they have recorded voices, taken photos, registered significant temperature drops among many other indicators. Also, yes, there is just the pure vibe factor. I have worked here 13 years and can tell you that there is SOMETHING here. We’ve had employees see her, have witnessed things flying off the back bar, have customers see her… All sorts of events. It’s definitely more ‘active’ in Spring and when the building is quiet. Or at least, we notice it then…

  5. Are there any happenings the week of Sept. 14????

    • We have Pandaconda playing on the 11th, Trivia Night on the 12th, our Superheroes & Villans event on Saturday (w/Gnat King Kong playing), Windy Valley Boys on Monday, Trivia Night on the 19th & Dread Onion on the 20th! Lots going on! 🙂

  6. We have just purchased the 1955 Cadillac limosine that formerly belonged to the owners of this brothel. Do you have any pictures of the car with the building in the photo? It’s a beautiful vehicle. Totally restored.

  7. Visited the Red Onion in 2009, very nice place, and the Hostess was very friendly. The upstairs Tour was fun

  8. Just watched the show on Destination America. Fascinating!! I had read about The Red Onion about a week ago on Buzzfeed too. Really neat history!

  9. Hi Don!!! 🙂

  10. I just watched Alaska Haunting on the Red Onion Saloon. I felt so sorry for Lidia! (a woman that worked there as a prostitute) Her story broke my heart! They mentioned they had no desire to get rid of her but maybe she wants to cross over. She may just not know how or she is scared. I feel someone should at least ask her. If it were me I wouldn’t want to stay in a place I was forced to do what she had to do just to be able to eat. And my heart would be so broken if the man I loved left me there! I would not consider that my home. So sad….. 😦

    • Hi Trish, sorry for the late reply. You should know that things have been quite peaceful around here as of late. Several folks that have seen the show have expressed concern, but do know, Lydia seems to be at peace. Thank you for your note, I hope 2016 is treating you splendidly.

      • Spirits sometimes remain earthbound for a variety of reasons. Often times it is not because they don’t know how to move on, but because they don’t want to, are afraid to, feel as though they have unresolved business here, etc. This is never correct however, our souls purpose is to learn its lessons in life, move on, and continue learning. Staying behind for whatever reason is only putting off the inevitable. I get the feeling that both Lydia and “John” both feel ashamed, and are embarrassed to move on, afraid to face the recounting of their lives, although be it for different reasons. In John’s case it’s more ashamed than embarrassed. This however doesn’t matter, and sooner or later they won’t have a choice but to move on. By emulating love and compassion to both of them, it can help them to realize, and have the courage to do this. Though John was an unsavory character in the live he lived there, he will have a chance to learn from this, and repay the wrongs he’d done, and by this karma he will advance his soul. Souls live more than one life, and we’ve all been evil in some life, good in others, and all states in between in others. But in the long run, our souls are all devine, immortal, and of God, who is the embodiment of all love which is comprises all things, and is the source, and final destination of all things. We’re all ment to move closer to God by means of lessons learned. All of John’s anger and aggression were in life, and still are, love’s energy misused; something he must learn. If the people there would open their hearts and minds, to reach out with the utmost love and compassion, and a sense of encouragement to both of them equally; for their souls to realize that their journey must continue on their paths, it will bring a sense of peace unlike anything you, or these souls, ever knew is possible.

  11. OMG!!! Saw the show on tv.. I was skeptical until I saw the show. I’m coming 1st week of July 2016.. Do you have tours?? I’m so excited!!!!!!

  12. We went on Alaska cruise last summer, and while we were in skagway, i noticed the Red Onion saloon, but had no idea it was a paranormal landmark! I love to paint haunted historical homes, hoping to someday find a way to donate my haunted painting of the Sara Winchester home to the winchester museum. I was only standing a few steps away from the saloon, but never knew, so if we ever have a second chance to go back, i hope to see it next time!! There is another awesome idea for another painting, if I get to come back! I finally learned about the Red Onion Saloon from the tv documentary. 😄👍 I was exasperated at myself for missing out on this! 🙄

  13. Greetings to the wonderful staff of the Red Onion Saloon.I was there late September of 2016 .I was the gentleman who gave you the framed picture of what I suppose was Lydia on the bed in the upstairs room.I looked for the photo but it wasn’t on your website.Please feel free to use it so others may enjoy your establishment as much as I did.

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