A Knock at the Door

On April 2nd something very strange happened here at the Red Onion Saloon. It was a slow night at the bar, as most early nights in April are want to be,
just the bartender and a handful of customers. A regular ordered a shot of Makers Mark. After the shot was poured there was a knock on the door. Which is strange because who knocks before entering a bar? So the bartender walked over to check who was there and no one was outside. Suddenly a loud pop was emitted from the overhead speakers, which caused everyone to turn and look up. When they turned back to the bar the customer’s shot was gone and he swore he didn’t drink it. No one saw him drink it, and everyone knows when he orders Makers Mark he always sips it. Where did his drink go?

It may be important to note that on the same night an earthquake occurred in Haines, AK at 11:35pm AKDT measuring 3.4.

~ by redonionsaloonhauntings on April 10, 2014.

4 Responses to “A Knock at the Door”

  1. Thanks for sharing an interesting little story! Best to all, Gary Heat

  2. Just curious if you have any pics of the upstairs hallway looking towards the bedrooms? I just visited the red onion and of august 2014, and I don’t remember there being any this at the end of the hallway, but in my picture it looks like there is a woman, dressed in a white shirt and black skirt….thought I might have forgotten a costume or something that was hanging there.

  3. Wooowwwww

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