Ghosty photos…

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Little John from Stones River Paranormal

Little John from Stones River Paranormal

Do you see the figure in the case? Sent in by tour guest.

Do you see the figure in the case? Sent in by tour guest.

Don Nelson’s Ghost Fog – Behind Bar 2002

Taken in early spring, when things are most active here.

Taken in early spring, when things are most active here.

2012 Corset Show Orb

2012 Corset Show. Perhaps our ghost fancies a dance?


Our most distinctive ghost photos have a “fog” present in them.


A Knock at the Door

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On April 2nd something very strange happened here at the Red Onion Saloon. It was a slow night at the bar, as most early nights in April are want to be,
just the bartender and a handful of customers. A regular ordered a shot of Makers Mark. After the shot was poured there was a knock on the door. Which is strange because who knocks before entering a bar? So the bartender walked over to check who was there and no one was outside. Suddenly a loud pop was emitted from the overhead speakers, which caused everyone to turn and look up. When they turned back to the bar the customer’s shot was gone and he swore he didn’t drink it. No one saw him drink it, and everyone knows when he orders Makers Mark he always sips it. Where did his drink go?

It may be important to note that on the same night an earthquake occurred in Haines, AK at 11:35pm AKDT measuring 3.4.


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This photo was sent in to us by a guest on our brothel tour the third week of august in 2009. After her guide had told her the story of our most famous resident, Lydia, she decided to snap a photo on her cell phone just to see if she got anything. This is the photo she took.

Date Taken: August 19, 2009

The Orb Who Came to Dinner

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Springtime just might be the best time for our ghosts to be active. This photograph, taken in 2005, shows an orb lurking over a woman in the restaurant. Could it be a bad omen that the orb is positioned directly in front of an image of a skull?

Photo Credit: April 28, 2005

Man in the Mirror

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“My boyfriend and I visited your lovely ladies upstairs in the late summer of 2005….It was taken in ‘Lydia’s Room’, but appears to be the face of a man in her mirror (in the upper left hand side) Do you still have any johns floating around!? I was alone in the room at the time and had purposefully waited until the entire group had left for the next room. If you zoom in you can see my boyfriend’s back as he’s exiting the next room to the left. There was no one behind me. You know the layout better than I though…is this a trick of perhaps multiple reflecting mirrors, or do I really have a specter on film?”

Photo Credit: Emily Richards, late summer 2005

Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Bombay Room Ghostly Mist

This photo was found in our archives, but we don’t know who sent it. All we know for sure is the image was taken during the summer of 2011 or 2012.

Photo Credit: Unknown

Center Stage

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Center Stage

Read almost any book, website, blog, or article about ghosts and you will find orbs mentioned. Considered the most common form spirits appear in, orbs are also highly controversial. Easily dismissed as dust particles, reflections on the camera lens, water droplets, or even an insect reflecting back the light from a flash, pictures of spirit orbs abound.
So what do you think? Spirit orb or something more mundane?

Photo Credit: Micah Lemke, 2012

There is something in the trees…

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6th Ave GhostThere is something in the trees...

These photos were sent in by a guest on one of our walking tours. Taken at the end of 6th avenue, which is easily one of the most haunted locations in Skagway, this wooded area is where the Pullen House used to stand.

Photo Credit: David Boles; September 22, 2004

Glinda the Good Witch

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GlindaGlinda the Good Witch

Known for arriving and departing as a glimmering iridescent bubble, Glinda the Good Witch just might be the most famous orb in Hollywood. Hopefully this orb entering down the stairs has the same good intentions toward our madam, as Glinda had towards Dorothy. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Sarah Thiel; from Lafayette, NJ; June 2012


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Silver Dress Ghost from Hall

Silver Dress Ghosts Close Up

Silver Dress Ghost outline

Every day guests of the Red Onion are told stories of the antics of our resident ghost Lydia. For some they come away with an experience of their own, but on occasion, our least talked about resident makes himself known. Certainly not the nicest of guys, few photos of him exist.

Photo Credit: Bob Benson; 2004