The Orb Who Came to Dinner

Springtime just might be the best time for our ghosts to be active. This photograph, taken in 2005, shows an orb lurking over a woman in the restaurant. Could it be a bad omen that the orb is positioned directly in front of an image of a skull?

Photo Credit: April 28, 2005

~ by redonionsaloonhauntings on April 17, 2013.

One Response to “The Orb Who Came to Dinner”

  1. In the photo of ” The Orbit Who Came to Dinner “, is definitely an Orbit above the Ladies head, but have you not noticed that in the doors center panel of glass there is a figure of a Man’s face in it. You can clearly make out his eyes, nose, mustache, ear, and it even appears he is wearing an old type of Bolo Hat. If there was a man there during the taking of this photo then Mystery solved, but if he wasn’t there then, Ladies you have an uninvited guest staring at the two ladies sitting. All in All Great Photo.

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