Movement Upstairs

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It has often been discussed that there might be more paranormal activity in the building during the winter months than during the summer season. Maybe the ghosts like the uninterrupted quiet of the closed museum. Or maybe with fewer distractions in the building their activity becomes more noticeable. Either way this was one of the few pre-season photos we have.

This photo was taken on a cold April night before our museum was open to the public. During this private tour, while standing in the first room of the museum, a handful of guests saw a woman’s shadow cross the hallway. When the guide led them in to the next room, known as the Wallpaper Room, one of the guests snapped this photograph.

Photo Credit: Joshua Manculich; April 1, 2012

Someone is always watching…

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Someone is always watching...

This photo was taken by Melissa Adami on July 11th, 2012.

Photo Credit: Melissa Adami; July 10, 2012

Hello world!

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The Red Onion Saloon, a national historic landmark, has long been host to many unexplained sights and phenomena. Located in Skagway Alaska, one of the most haunted towns in North America, the Red Onion still stands as a beacon welcoming the wayward traveller, quenching hunger and thirst. Originally the most upscale saloon and brothel in Skagway, it reached it’s heyday during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, which brought over 30,000 eager stampeders through this narrow valley. The former brothel is now a museum and is home to more than one spirit. Over the years, we have collected photos sent to us by guests and have created this blog as a forum for visitors to share and post their ghostly encounters.